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Owned and Operated by a Former FBI Agent and a Former Police Officer
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Duane Rhodes

Duane Rhodes, President Duane Rhodes is the Director of Field Operations for the Dallas/Ft Worth Field Office. Duane brings more has more than 20-years of law enforcement and investigative experience. Prior to joining THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM Duane has worked as a Police Officer for the Ft Worth City Marshalls, Brookhaven College and the Dallas County Sheriff Department. Duane was also a Sergeant with Wackenhut Correctional Facility. Duane has exceptional interpersonal and communication skills with the security officers and supervisors. Duane holds has Associates Degree in Instrumentation Technology and Cyber Security from Texas State Technical College.

James Mays

James Mays, Vice President James Mays is the Vice President of THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM. James brings more has more than 35-years of law enforcement and investigative experience. Prior to joining THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM James worked more than 32-years as a U.S. Postal Inspector. James has extensive experience in conducting and supervising federal criminal and administrative investigations.

During his career with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service James worked included internal theft/crimes, worker’s compensation fraud, revenue fraud, financial embezzlement, personnel/plant security investigations, and personnel background/suitability investigations in support of national security clearances. James is also skilled in internal audit investigations including operational audit, financial audit, service audit, and performance reviews.

James also managed a team of U.S. Postal Inspectors investigating numerous postal criminal and administrative cases at the local, regional, and national level.Successfully conducted and directed investigations of mail/property theft, fraudulent worker’s compensation claims, embezzlements, financial fraud, revenue mismanagement, and various other internal probes within U.S. Postal Service. Conducted and supervised numerous internal operational audits and reviews.James holds has B.S. Degree in Business Administration from Shepherd College.

Isaac Hernandez

Isaac Hernandez, Director of Field Operations Isaac Hernandez is the Director of Field Operations for the San Antonio Field Office. Isaac brings more has more than 17-years of experience as a private investigator and security contractor. Isaac has been with THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM since 1997 where he has worked as private investigator and an office manager. Isaac manages all investigations in the San Antonio field office. Prior to joining THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM Isaac worked as a Private Investigator and a Security Contractor with several investigative and security companies. Isaac is fluent in Spanish and English and he has great people skills working and assisting clients in all type of investigations. Isaac holds has a B.A. Degree in Criminal Justice from Saint Mary’s University.

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