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Owned and Operated by a Former FBI Agent and a Former Police Officer
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Asset Search Investigation

Since 1999, our asset investigations have located more than $20 million in assets for our clients. THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM has investigators throughout the United States that have the experience to obtain hidden assets. Our investigators will apply the most cost-effective means and methods in financial asset search for securing the necessary hidden assets. Working with limited information, we can determine the correct business name, ownership and key executives, holdings and interests, business activities and practices, civil litigation, criminal conviction, and compliance histories.

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE using an online internet based company for your asset searches investigation.

Our Executive Director has spent more than 25-years of his life tracking down financial bank account and assets while working for the FBI, the Arlington Police Department, and the Jefferson County Sheriff Department. Our asset investigations are structured to fulfill specific client requirements for purposes of investment, merger, acquisition, competitor analysis or litigation. Our asset search company provide service for small and large companies to help uncover unlawful activities, employee theft, drug abuse, sexual harassment, corporate fraud, investment scams and industrial espionage.

Our investigative team has the ability to access information on anyone anywhere in the world. Our team of more than 25-field asset search investigators has more than 300 years of combined investigative experience. Our field asset search investigators are located throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Tennessee. We provide financial asset search service from our 1 head corporate office in Houston, TX and 3 field office, financial asset search service New York office, financial asset search service Dellas office, and financial asset search service Austin office.

Asset Search Services

  • Level I Asset Search

    This investigation includes the following:
    Criminal, and Civil records, Tax Liens, Judgments, Bankruptcies, UCC Filings, Property Ownership, Motor vehicle Ownerships, Corporate Filings and Business Affiliations, Phone Numbers, Social Security Trace, and Address History.

  • Level II Asset Search

    This investigation includes the following:
    Level I and a Single State bank account locator. We must have the subject’s SSN and or EFIN.

  • Level III Asset Search

    This investigation includes the following:
    Level II and a Nationwide bank account locator.

  • Level IV Asset Search

    This investigation includes the following:
    Level III and a Brokerage & Mutual Fund account locator.

Sample Report


Note: All of our financial assets searches and financial banking searches will be conducted in a accordance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (Sec. 6821).

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