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Owned and Operated by a Former FBI Agent and a Former Police Officer
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Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity Investigations Services Houston & Dallas The majority of our clients are always worried about their confidentially. Since our inception, we have NEVER had anyone know that they were being investigated. As a result, you have our complete assurance that your case will be completely confidential. As always, our initial consultation is FREE. Spousal infidelity and checking the faithfulness of a domestic partner can be difficult for the individual who needs to know.

We can discreetly check to see if such a situation exists and document the facts for you. Why invest time, worry, and money in a relationship that you are uncertain about. It makes sense to know sooner than later. Unfortunately, once you seriously suspects infidelity, the majority of the time their suspicions are correct. Allow us to put an end to your suspicions, fear and anxiety. Whether you are the husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, you deserve to know if your partner is cheating and we can help you get the PROOF and peace of mind you need to move on with your life.

Over the past 16-years we have helped clients all over the World find the FACTS. Our infidelity investigations are second to none. We utilize state of the art equipment in the hands of experienced investigators to gather facts and information about your spouse, lover, or friend. Our videotape evidence allows clients to make decisions based on evidence not speculation. Our unique pre-surveillance investigations allow us to obtain valuable information about our subject before ever leaving the office. As a result, we believe "Information is the reduction of uncertainty".

servicepic4 Why Hire Us?
We have experienced domestic investigators with the right equipment for the job. Some private investigative firms use cheap equipment that is not capable of getting acceptable video at night. Some private investigative firms try to conduct surveillance in the wrong type of vehicles causing them to be detected. We have the right investigators for the job, so your time is not wasted. Some private investigation firms have extensive websites, but they trust your case with inexperienced investigators. Since we specialize in infidelity surveillance, we are the best at surveillance.

Are you being Cheated on?

servicepic5 Here are signs of a cheating spouse or lover.
The spouse is working a lot of overtime.
The spouse is using the internet excessively.
The spouse has excessive miles on the vehicle.
The spouse has new friends.
The spouse always smells of perfume or alcohol.
The hiding of the phone and or cell bill.
The personal purchase of a pager or cell phone
The spouse is no longer interested in sex.
The spouse is no longer wearing a wedding ring.
The spouse is saying "I need space".

All phone calls and emails are very discrete and confidential.

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