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Owned and Operated by a Former FBI Agent and a Former Police Officer
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Can't seem to find something?

Whether you are looking for a person, place, or thing, we can help. Before wasting your time using an online internet search company know the facts. Last year, we successfully helped more than 300-private individuals, corporations and law firms located people who they needed to find. By the time they call us the majority of our skip trace investigations clients have already wasted time and money with an cheap online internet based search companies. Our investigators are experienced, highly educated, former law enforcement experts in finding and talking to individuals who don't want to be found. By using THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM you can have access to our experience and our extensive database of more than 900 million records on people in the United States.

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE using an online internet based company for your skip trace investigation.

Our Executive Director has spent more than 25-years of his life tracking down suspects, locating witnesses, and finding missing persons while working for the FBI, Arlington Police Department, and the Jefferson County Sheriff Department. This training and experience has been handed down to our team of more than 25-field investigators who have more than 300-years of combined investigative experience. THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM has become one of the industry leaders in skip trace investigations in providing information on missing person, locating witnesses, and finding deadbeat dads. Our resourceful investigation tactics afford you the best opportunity to determining a person’s last known address and or the current location of the person in question.

In the private investigation industry, there are a lot of companies promising great service, but we deliver it. Our investigations are never complete until clients are satisfied. Our goal is to be the model that other private investigative firms are judged. We are committed to providing superior skip trace investigations in a prompt and professional manner. You have our personal guarantee of dependable, timely, and quality investigations.

Our team of experience professionals have been skip tracing and locating missing persons years before the internet, computers and databases were available. We use the methods, resources and contacts necessary to locate even the most difficult to find subject. Therefore, we are not limited to searching database records to skip trace like many other modern private investigators; we fall back on our law enforcement training methods. Using the same computer tools - maybe even a few more - we have the advantage of instinct and the understanding of how to `work` a lead. The majority of skip trace companies are NOT private investigators; they neither desire to leave their offices, nor do they have the network of contacts or resources to locate someone who has kidnapped a child, or expertly embezzled a large sum of money.

Simply Put; People TRUST EXPERIENCE!

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