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Owned and Operated by a Former FBI Agent and a Former Police Officer
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Surveillance Services Houston & DallasTHE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM uses a combination of the latest technology, most up to date information and advanced skills and techniques to deliver results in a professional manner. By usingTHE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM you can rest assured that your surveillance assignments will be handled in a confidential and discrete manner, by highly skilled and experienced investigators. Our surveillance team of investigators will conduct a systematic undercover investigation that will allow our clients the opportunity to know the Truth.

Our turnaround times vary depending on the assignment, but the majority of our investigations are completed within 5-7 business days. We always give special needs to clients who have deadlines or rush assignments. All of our investigators use the Sony HDDVD Camcorder for surveillance. This camcorder has a 40xoptical/2000x digital zoom with night-shooting capability. During undercover assignments, we use a variety of state of the art camera equipment, wireless key chain and eyeglass cameras for undercover investigations.

Our surveillance efforts have been successful in assisting to get offenders prosecuted for insurance fraud; dismissed from work; or returned to work promptly. Few firms have the depth of knowledge about the insurance industry that we possess. We provide quality comprehensive claim investigation services and handle the investigative needs for the federal government, municipalities, insurance companies, self-insured corporations, third party administrators and insurance defense law firms.

Our consistent level of customer service and professional case management will ensure that your requests are always handled promptly and in a manner consistent with your investigative approach and philosophy. Our success is based on keeping up with the fraud schemes and mastering the process and technology required to detect, investigate, and prevent insurance fraud. We place an emphasis on quality control, case management professionalism, and customer service. This method provides the best approach to ensuring cost-effective and timely investigations for both parties.

Reputation – We are a company that is recognized in our industry as a reputable provider of high quality technical resources and investigative services.

Commitment – We have demonstrated a long-standing commitment to its customers at the local, state and federal levels.

Areas of Expertise – Although there is some overlap, the primary area of expertise for each of the companies differs. We cover a very wide range of technical, contract transition and business expertise.

Key Personnel – Our desktop investigative staff is crucial to the success of our clients and their mission.

Experience – We have the extensive experience managing task-order based staff augmentation contracts.

Simply Put; People TRUST EXPERIENCE!

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